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Diversity Equity and Inclusion for Nonprofits


We can change the world to make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.

Nelson Mandela

Strategic Development

Foundation, External  & Internal Analysis, Goals, Stratey and Timeframe.

Nonprofit Capacity Building 

Partnership Development, Leadership Development, Take Action, Reflection and Evaluation, Sustainability.

Business Process Development

Defining & Modeling, Test & Deploy, Execute & Monitor, Optimize.

Board Sourcing and Management

Governance, Mission, Purpose, and Leadership.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Program Advocacy, Membership & Leadership.

Employee Training & Development

Evaluate effectiveness, layer training, analyze skill gap, and identify business impact.

Our Mission is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future  for Nonprofit Organizations

Actualize our clients’ mission to affect transformative change.  Working as an extension of my client’s team, I create and execute signature strategies designed around each client’s individual needs.



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